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I am detecting a trend toward a late April meeting.  Would it be  
possible for the officers to make a proposal for an online straw poll  
- perhaps even to begin next year?

On Nov 22, 2009, at 9:24 PM, Mcspirit, Stephanie wrote:

> This was a really neat note below on the history of ASK and I  
> enjoyed reading it!
> Personally, I would like to see the meetings at the end of April  
> (Appalachian Studies Meetings are in March typically) as this would  
> give senior theses students and grad students a year to prepare  
> their work for presentation at ASK and would help in recruiting  
> young scholars and faculty to our sessions.
> I also like the idea of a three year commitment of ASK Officers so  
> as to maintain continuity etc.  I'm also really excited about the  
> startup of an ASK Journal.
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> Hi,
> If longtime ASK member and elder Jules Delambre were still alive, he  
> would make these points about when to meet and continuity and, I am  
> sure, would make more eloquent remarks than I.  But here goes my  
> attempt at being the elder with advice.
> From ASK's founding in 1962 until 1981, meetings were in the spring,  
> in March.  Usually the weather for the meetings was wonderfully  
> spring-like, but there were exceptions, with snow storms.  Early on,  
> for example, in 1965, at the meetings at EKU, there was heavy snow.  
> But it was at the meetings in March of 1980 at Morehead State that a  
> foot of snow fell, forcing participants either to caravan home  
> through the snow or remain at the meeting site for additional days.   
> I was President of ASK that year and remember the snow storm well.   
> The very next year, the meetings were shifted to the fall, in October.
> So, my suggestion is that if the meetings are switched back to the  
> spring, they should not be held before April.
> As for continuity of leadership, in the past being chosen as ASK  
> President meant a commitment of three years on the ASK Board--as  
> President-Elect, President, and Past President.  The same was  
> required of the Vice President.  More recently, disrupting such  
> continuity, the decision was made to require a President to serve  
> but one year but also to host the meetings.  That meant a switch of  
> from three years of moderate work to one year of intensive work and  
> a loss of continuity.  While the meetings were held in the spring,  
> the Board met every fall with those from the institution who would  
> host the spring meetings.
> Maybe some form of what I have just described should be reinstated.   
> Or, today maybe the board could meet online.
> You can read more about ASK history at this site inspired by the  
> late ASK elder Jules Delambre: http://askconference.nku.edu/history.htm 
> .  By the way, during the Great ASK Snow Storm of '80, Jules dug my  
> car out of the snow at least twice before reaching I-75.  Thanks,  
> Jules!
> Thanks,
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> ASK has suffered from a lack of continuity - 1) officers who were  
> neither president the year before or the year after the year in  
> which they served, and 2) meeting dates floating from the middle of  
> September to nearly the middle of November.  Because of this I think  
> that we have 1) failed to get submissions, and 2) some submissions  
> weren't as good as they could have been if the authors had spent  
> more time on them.
> Firming up meeting dates (Spring or Fall), selecting meeting sites  
> more than one year in advance, and electing a president for more  
> than one year at a time should result in better paper submissions.
> Dan
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