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Fellow List Members,

Those of you involved with anthropological linguistics (sociolinguistics) may be interested in two draft papers concerning the writing system of a Medieval manuscript, which has been revealed to be a form of proto-Romance, and written on the island of Ischia under the Crown of Naples, c. 1444. The language is a simplified form of spoken Latin, mixed with words from other languages of Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor.

The language was evidently a 'lingua franca' that evolved rapidly as a common form of communication in the Mediterranean between people from many places of origin, due to trade, slavery, political conquest, royal marriage, migration and the general exchange of information and ideas. It then evolved into the modern Romance languages during the Renaissance, when the political map became more fixed and populations became relatively culturally isolated.

The papers can be freely downloaded from the preprint website LingBuzz:
1. Linguistic Missing Links: http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/003737
2. Linguistically Dating and Locating: http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/003808
G. E. Cheshire.

University of Bristol.
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